How to get to the fair

choose the best means of transport to get to the fair

The nearest subway stations to the exhibiton hall are:

–Portuguesa-Tietê Station (Line 1 – Blue)- approximately 1,5 km from the venue.

–Palmeiras-Barra Funda Station (Line 3 – Red) – approximately 4,5 km from the venue.

During the biggest fairs, there are free shuttles from the Portuguesa-Tietê Station to Anhembi. Look for information with the event organizer before leaving home to find out how to get to the venue easily.

For those coming by bus, there are bus lines to Anhembi from subway stations:

  • 9717-10 (SANTANA / JDALMANARA) – from Carandiru Subway Station
  • 9701/10 – HospCachoeirinha – from Carandiru and Portuguesa Subway Stations

In addition, Anhembi is located 1,5 km from Tietê Bus Terminal (interstate/international)

Tietê Bus Terminal – approximately 1,5 km from the venue.
Av. Cruzeiro do Sul, 1.800 – Santana – Zona Norte
Tel.: (55-11) 3235-0322, from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm
Access through Portuguesa-Tietê subway station (Line 1 – Blue – North-South)

Barra Funda Bus Terminal – approximately 4,5 km from the venue.
R. Mário de Andrade, 664 – Barra Funda – Zona Oeste
Tel.: (55-11) 3235-0322, from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm
Access through Palmeiras-Barra Funda subway station (Line 3 – Red – East-West)

Olavo Fontoura Avenue has a new bike lane, which passes in front of Anhembi and is already used by cyclists who ride around the region, connecting the bike lanes that already exist on the Bráz Leme Avenue, Santos Dumont Avenue and Cruzeiro do Sul Avenue- the latter allows modal transport integration with the Portuguesa-Tietê subway station.

In addition, Anhembi offers bicycle parking racks that allow visitors to park bicycles for free. Don’t forget to bring your locker to lock the bike.

On Sundays and holidays, the Leisure Bike Lane of north region is open up to a stretch of Santos Dumont Avenue, and it is possible to take this opportunity to sightseeing and ride to Anhembi. During these days, the bike lane operation is from 7am to 4pm. Learn more:

Anhembi has the largest parking lot of São Paulo.

Well located and safe to meet the demand of the public who visits the events, it has over 6,500 spaces and capacity for 13,000 vehicles per day (on a rotating basis).

It is easy to find taxis in São Paulo: there are about 33 thousand registered vehicles. The price to be paid is indicated on the car panel in red. There are four categories: common, radio-taxi, special and luxury. A fixed amount is charged plus an amount that varies according to mileage, day and time.

There are taxi ranks at the main bus terminals and also at Anhembi: Hotel Holliday Inn, on Rua Prof. Milton Rodrigues and at the entrance of the exhibition hall.

Campo de Marte airport, in Santana, is in front of Anhembi and also has helicopter traffic. There are several companies that offer air taxi service.

– Campo de Marte
Av. Santos Dumont, 1.979, Santana
Tel.: (55-11) 2221-2699,

Anhembi is located near the main airports: 28 km from São Paulo International Airport (Guarulhos), 15 km from Congonhas Airport (domestics flights) and 89 km from Viracopos International Airport (Campinas)

– São Paulo International Airport (GRU Airport)

Rod. Helio Smidt, s/nº, Guarulhos (SP)
Tel.: (55-11) 2445-2945,
It is the biggest airport in South America. Located 25 km from São Paulo downtown.


– Congonhas Airport

Av. Washington Luís s/nº, São Paulo (SP)
Tel.: (11) 5090-9000,


– Viracopos International Airport
Rodovia Santos Dumont, km 66, Campinas (SP)
Tel.: (55-19) 3725-5000,

In addition, Anhembi is next to Campo de Marte – helipad and airport for small aircrafts, which offers more security for authorities and executives. The airport operates exclusively with executive aviation, air taxi, pilot schools such as the São Paulo Aeroclub and the Civil and Military Police Air Service.

– Campo de Marte Airport
Av. Santos Dumont, 1.979, Santana
Tel.: (55-11) 2221-2699,